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Credit Card Processors - Acquiring Banks, ISOs with BINs and ISOs

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“Previously, PCI Compliance was me just clicking checkboxes on a form that I was told to check just so I could continue to process my clients' payments. Nothing was explained to me and the process was confusing. After using Nexus, I realized that there is a lot more involved in truly being PCI compliant. And whats great is, Nexus takes you through each of the steps, explaining the process and how to take the proper actions so that my business is compliant and secure."

Marcus McCoy
CEO, Go Viral Marketing

"We have been working with Protocol for close to 3 years now, and it has been amazing to watch this company and team grow and enhance their product offerings. They bring innovation and ease of use to compliance. Protocol turns the ever changing and complicated world of compliance, into an easy and manageable process for any size merchant. Not only do they offer a user friendly platform for managing all your compliance deliverables, they have a team behind it that will make sure all your questions are addressed. "

Jason Friedman
Technical Project Manager, Payscout

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